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Autodilution & Autocalibration Systems

prepFAST Models

Three prepFAST systems are available to provide solutions for different application requirements.



Autodilution & Autocalibration

Inline sampling system to fully automate laboratory dilutions while providing high sample throughput via vacuum sample loading. Delivers sample dilution factors of 1 to 400x on sample volumes of 5 – 50 mL.

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prepFAST M5

prep<em>FAST</em> M5

Enabled Microsampling

All the performance features of the prepFAST supplying 1 to 400x dilutions, with the addition of syringe sample loading. Supports microsampling (0.1 – 50 mL), higher-viscosity samples and volatile solvents.

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prepFAST M5X

prep<em>FAST</em> M5X

Extended Range Dilutions

Extended dilution range version of the prepFAST M5. Supplies sample dilution factors of 1 to 40,000x.

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