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Autodilution & Autocalibration Systems

prepFAST 3 – High Throughput Autodilution & Autocalibration System

prepFAST 3

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The best way to improve metals laboratory workflows.

Supported by two decades of laboratory automation experience, prepFAST 3 simplifies autodilution, eliminates sample re-runs, and enhances laboratory productivity.

Automation by the Experts

prepFAST 3 combines high-throughput FAST analysis with third generation autodilution to automate sample preparation for ICP and ICPMS. prepFAST 3 performs FAST analysis of undiluted samples and dilutes any sample or standard as needed up to 400x. Dilution functions include instrument autocalibration, prescriptive inline sample dilution (e.g. 10x or 25x) and reactive QC-driven dilutions such as overrange and internal standard out-of-range dilutions. Anti-clogging FilterProbe with backflush, SampleSense 3, and other new technologies make prepFAST 3 the best way to improve metals laboratory workflows.

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  • FAST prepFAST – Ultra-high throughput for undiluted samples and full autodilution capabilities for both prescriptive and QC-driven dilution.
  • Anti-clogging FilterProbe with BackFlush – FilterProbe catches sample particles and fibers, then automatically syringe-backflushes after each sample. Prevents clogs, extends analytical runs, reduces scheduled maintenance for days or even weeks.
  • Multiposition Magnetic SnapValves – Easy valve installation and maintenance. No tools required.
  • SampleSense 3 – Autocalibrated to sense all solvents and sample types. Automatically detects the sample and adjusts timing. One simple method for all analyses.
  • Syringe Injected Bubble (SIB) – Separates sample from the analytical carrier to extend the available analysis time.
  • Clean3V Enclosure – Three vertical sliding doors provide easy access to sample racks at any time.
  • Superior Autosampler – DXCi Autosampler provides the highest speeds & autocorrecting probe positioning for highest productivity. Available in 2, 4, 8, and 14-rack capacities.
  • Compact Footprint – The world’s smallest autodilution system, conserving valuable bench space for your lab.
  • Seamless Software Integration - Fully compatible with your ICP/ICPMS software.
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prepFAST 3 utilizes ESI's proven prepFAST IC technology for both ultra-high throughput and elemental speciation, and applies it to routine high-throughput applications, such as environmental testing, mining, clinical and other important analysis applications.

prepFAST 3 provides high-throughput sample analysis alongside autodilution and autocalibration. The system responds to the dilution factor specified in the ICP/ICPMS software, directing undiluted samples to the sample line for FAST high-throughput analysis, saving valuable time. Samples with a dilution factor (DF) greater than 1 are directed to the dilution line then diluted before analysis.

  • FAST - Undiluted samples loaded into sample line and FAST injected
  • prepFAST - Samples requiring dilution are loaded into dilution line, automatically diluted, and injected
  • Shortened probe - Probe valve design uses shortened autosampler probe, expediting sample loading for both sample flow paths

FilterProbe with BackFlush - Anti-clogging

The innovative FilterProbe effectively blocks large particulates from entering the sample path, significantly reducing maintenance caused by a clogged nebulizer or valve. Syringe-driven backflushing automatically clears the sample path before the next sample is analyzed. By automating this step, operators can focus on other tasks without worrying about potential blockages or downtime due to maintenance.

  • Automatically backflushes to clean the filter while each sample is analyzed--no additional time required
  • Prevents valve and nebulizer clogging to reduce weekly valve-cleaning maintenance
  • Increases longevity of components

Part Number Description
FPA-DX10 FilterProbe Assembly, 1 mm. Inlcudes FPT-DX10 FilterProbe Tip and FPF-MFA CTFE Filter
FPT-DX10 FilterProbe Tip, 1 mm i.d. PTFE with carbon-fiber support. For ESI DX Autosampler. (Filter not included.)
FPF-MFA CTFE replacement filter for FilterProbe, Type A. 1/4-28 M-F

SampleSense 3

The third generation of SampleSense comes standard with prepFAST 3. SampleSense 3 technology detects the sample and triggers the ICPMS analysis, eliminating timing parameters, improving throughput, and reducing sample consumption.

  • No need for sensor adjustment with SampleSense 3
  • It works for all chemicals automatically
  • The new design has easy-to-clean valve internals for labs that have scheduled valve-cleaning procedures

SampleSense 3

Multiposition Magnetic SnapValve

prepFAST 3 is equipped with innovative Magnetic SnapValves to streamline installation and maintenance. Simply snap on and off with your hands, eliminating the need for tools. All valve ports are marked with clear labels to improve user experience and minimize confusion when attaching lines.

  • Innovative Technology - patented magnetic attachment
  • Easy Installation - Simply snap on and off, no tools needed to remove from drive
  • Simple Maintenance - Cleaning procedure takes seconds

Clean3V Enclosures

Clean3V enclosures provide a clean sample environment, shielding the laboratory from acidic vapors. Featuring vertical sliding doors that allow convenient access from three sides, Clean3V enclosures further minimize the system footprint, preserving valuable bench space.

  • Provides clean sample environment
  • Protects laboratory from potentially harmful vapors
  • Easily access samples with three vertical sliding doors
  • ULPAclean 10 option available for ultraclean sample environment

Clean3V Enclosure Only Description
C3V2 Clean3V Enclosure for 2DX ESI Autosampler with vertical sliding doors
C3V4 Clean3V Enclosure for 4DX ESI Autosampler with vertical sliding doors
C3V8 Clean3V Enclosure for 8DX ESI Autosampler with vertical sliding doors
C3V14 Clean3V Enclosure for 14DX ESI Autosampler with vertical sliding doors

DXCi Superior Autosamplers

The DXCi autosampler is a durable, streamlined, integrated automation system with fully expandable hardware and software supporting inorganic and organic applications. The system configurations range from a basic high-performance autosampler to a complete, easy-to-use, on-line sample preparation system.

  • Autocorrecting - Automatically goes to the correct sample position, even if the probe or arm is accidentally obstructed
  • Reports obstructed locations to the instrument software
  • Dual flowing rinse station with waste location for filter backflush
  • Highest probe accuracy with anti-kinking line – optimal for microplates and small sample vials
  • Available in 2DXCi, 4DXCi, 8DXCi and 14DXCi autosampler models

Part Number Description
2DXCi Two rack high-speed autosampler with autocorrecting capabilities
4DXCi Four rack high-speed autosampler with autocorrecting capabilities
8DXCi Eight rack high-speed autosampler with autocorrecting capabilities
14DXCi Fourteen rack high-speed autosampler with autocorrecting capabilities

prepFAST 3 Features Diagram

Featured Diagram for prepFAST 3

prepFAST 3 Analytical Steps

prepFAST 3 is equipped with innovative FAST prepFAST technology, allowing for rapid undiluted sample analysis or intelligent autodilution. Both analytical flowpaths can be observed below:

FAST Ultra-high Throughput (Undiluted Samples)

STEP: 1 Sample is loaded into the FAST Sample Line

Sample is loaded into the FAST Sample Line

STEP: 2 Sample is injected and analyzed

Sample is injected and analyzed

Autodilution/Autocalibration (Samples and Standards with Dilution Factor > 1)

STEP: 1 Sample is loaded into the Dilution Line

Sample is loaded into the Dilution Line

STEP: 2 Sample is syringe diluted into Sample Line

Sample is syringe diluted into Sample Line

STEP: 3 Sample is injected and analyzed

Sample is injected and analyzed

Dual Monitor Metal-free AutoBench

The dual-monitor metal-free AutoBench option for prepFAST 3 is an all-in-one solution for your laboratory. AutoBench holds the ICP or ICPMS, prepFAST 3, and includes a built-in DXCi autosampler. Engineered with a compact footprint to optimize space utilization, this system enhances laboratory efficiency while offering ample storage capacity. Its innovative waste containment unit and vacuum pump silencing cabinet not only promote safety but also contribute to a quieter and more streamlined workspace.

Comprehensive Benefits:

  • All-in-one solution
    • Extend analysis runs and maximize efficiency with high-capacity autosamplers
    • Improve lab safety with innovative waste contaiment cabinet
    • Seamlessly integrate with ICP or ICPMS
  • Metal-free components
    • Doors, drawers, and benchtop are completely metal-free. Even the hinges are metal-free and corrosion-free.
    • Enhance sensitivity, improve detection limits, and improve reproducibility
    • Extend lifespan and reduce maintenance costs
  • Compact footprint
    • Dual screen monitor with stand-up desk concept. Save valuable lab floorspace with clever space utilization.
    • 4-rack and 8-rack versions. Includes, computer, ICP/ICPMS, waste bottle, vacuum pump, and more

Metal-free AutoBench

Shown: Dual Monitor Metal-free AutoBench8

ULPA Air Filter

The ULPAclean 10 (Ultra-Low Particle Arrester) filter creates a clean, positive pressure environment for samples and standards and prevents airborne contamination. It removes 99.9995% of 0.1 µm or larger particles. The mounting plate is compatible with all DX autosampler Clean3V enclosures.

Part # Description
ULPA10 ULPAclean-10 filter for ESI Clean3V Enclosures

Power Air Volume
24VDC 1.0 (m3/min) or 0.5 (m3/min)

Sample Racks & Vials

From 96-well microplates to 100 ml volumetric flasks, ESI offers both standard autosampler racks as well as an extensive variety of specialized racks to accommodate almost any vial, vessel or bottle imaginable for automated sample analysis. DX Series autosamplers offer flexible rack configurations that permit almost any sample size, from micro vials up to 500 mL and larger bottles.

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