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Autodilution & Autocalibration Systems

prepFAST X – Just add ICP/ICPMS!

prepFAST X are advanced inline dilution systems designed for ICP & ICPMS. They unite the intelligent autocorrection capabilities of DXCi autosamplers and the automated rapid throughput of SampleSense FAST valves with a precision syringe module to perform precise and accurate inline dilutions.

Automated Inline Dilution

prepFAST inline dilution systems automatically perform precise and accurate dilutions for samples and standards, improving laboratory workflow, productivity, and data quality. This system fully automates laboratory dilutions while providing high sample throughput.
prepFAST X/MX/MAX Brochure

prepFAST X Systems Highlights

  • Automatic sample valve loading with SampleSense
  • Fully automated inline calibration
  • Automatically dilutes samples
  • Reduces new operator training
  • Reduces sample consumption & waste
  • Improves laboratory productivity
prep<em>FAST</em> X System

prepFAST X automatically dilutes samples right at the moment of analysis

Intelligent DXCi autocorrecting autosampler

Intelligent DXCi autocorrecting autosampler

High throughput SampleSense <em>FAST</em> valve

High throughput SampleSense FAST valve

Accurate automated inline syringe dilution

Accurate automated inline syringe dilution

prepFAST X – Just add ICP/ICPMS

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