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Autodilution & Autocalibration Systems

prepFAST – Autocalibration

Automates Inline Preparation of ICP/ICPMS Calibration Standards.
  • Save time and improve laboratory efficiency by eliminating labor-intensive standard preparation
  • Prepare from single stock standard or multiple stock standards
  • Improve calibration linearity and reduce risk of contamination
  • Reduce laboratory waste and cleaning of labware
SampleSense prepFAST Valve Enclosure

Autocalibration improves laboratory efficiency by eliminating the need for labor-intensive and error prone standard preparation. It reduces laboratory waste by reducing calibration vial, reagent, and standard waste. prepFAST autocalibration is particularly important for low concentration standards near the detection limit.

Manual Calibration vs Autocalibration

Every prepFAST model can create multipoint calibration curves from a single stock standard. Highly linear and consistent ICP/ICPMS calibration curves are generated automatically. If necessary, multiple standards can be used for large concentrations ranges or when standard matrices are incompatible.

prepFAST Autocalibration

Inline Prep from 1 Blank + 1 Standard

prep<em>FAST</em> Autocalibration

Autocalibration of Co from a 50ppb stock standard

You Make One Standard – prepFAST Makes the Rest

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