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Scout Semiconductor Online Monitoring Systems

scoutTOC – Fully Automated Total Organic Carbon

scoutTOC is a fully automated system for real-time monitoring of total organic carbon (TOC), pH and conductivity in semiconductor chemicals. scoutTOC automatically detects and quantifies changes in these critical properties, and sends a SECS-GEM alert for near real-time monitoring.

Real-time 24/7

  • Quantitative analysis of total organic carbon in UPW and waste water.
  • TOC range <0.2 to 1000 ppm C
  • A single central analyzer monitors:
    • Up to 40 sampling points
    • Up to 300 m in any direction

Multiplex TOC

  • Automate TOC, pH and conductivity analysis

pH and Conductivity

  • pH range <1 to >13
  • Conductivity range 10-500,000 μS/cm

Ease of Use

  • Flexible data reporting options including SECS/GEM
  • Automatic calibration

scoutTOC Workflow Diagram

Example diagram for remote monitoring of incoming/outgoing chemicals and process chemicals using scoutTOC.

scoutTOC Workflow Diagram

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