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prepFAST Ultrapure Chemicals Systems

prepFAST S – Automated Introduction of Pure Semiconductor Chemicals

The prepFAST S has revolutionized the way ultrapure semiconductor grade chemicals are analyzed with ICPMS detection. The prepFAST S utilizes syringe-driven flows of UPW, semiconductor grade acids, and standard solution to automate both sample dilutions and standard curve generation. It eliminates manual handling of samples and standards to deliver sub-ppt detection limit capabilities.

Automated Inline Sample Dilution

  • Removes interaction with dangerous chemical during manual dilution process
  • Removes contamination event from pouring sample into a new bottle for dilution
  • Improves dilution reproducibility

Automated Inline Standard Preparation

  • Removes contamination when creating MSA calibrations
  • Improve throughput by quickly calibrating the ICPMS for each chemical – down to single digit-ppt range

Syringe Driven Sample Injection

  • Consistent injection flowrate compared to self-aspiration
  • High speed washing of ICPMS spray chamber greatly reduces time to switch chemicals

Fluoronetic Autosampler

  • Magnetically coupled fluoropolymer linear drive eliminates exposed metal surfaces inside the enclosure
  • All fluoropolymer autosampler rail reduces contamination
  • Compatible with large range of bottle sizes (<1 mL - >500 mL)

Fully Enclosed Environment

  • Provides clean room grade results without the clean room
  • Removes hazardous fumes from room
  • Continuous flow of ultra-pure water (UPW) for maximum purity

prepFAST S Features Diagram

prepFAST S Features Diagram

High Purity Automation with Sub-PPT results


  • Automatic external and MSA calibrations
  • Automated sample sensing
    • accounts for viscosity and automatically adjusts timing
    • detects and injects the sample and triggers the ICPMS
  • Automated syringe-driven sample introduction
    • Sample loading
    • Sample preparation
    • Inline dilution
    • Acid addition


  • Ultraclean sample preparation
  • Integrated ultraclean sample environment
  • Includes ultraclean fluoronetic autosampler and air shower (options include):
    • ULPA (Ultrapure air) filter
    • Sample racks for PFA containers (<1 mL to 500 mL)
  • Continuously-flowing high purity UPW rinse (user-supplied UPW)
  • UPW polishing columns for low background

PPT/Sub-PPT Results

  • Capability to analyze all semiconductor grade chemicals
  • PPT/PPQ detection limits for all semiconductor elements

prepFAST S Inline Dilution of Semiconductor-grade Chemicals

The prepFAST S allows dilution by volume or weight for all semiconductor-grade chemicals. Metals are quantified using automated inline MSA or external calibration. Automated direct analysis of concentrated chemicals eliminates sample contamination caused by manual dilution into a secondary container.

Inline Dilution of Semiconductor-grade Chemicals

prepFAST S Autocalibration


FluoroWand Option

FluoroWand Features Diagram
FluoroWand Features Diagram
FluoroWand In Action
FluoroWand In Action

FluoroWand is an option for the prepFAST S and prepFAST SE ultrapure chemical sampling systems which permits racked sample containers to remain individually covered except at the moment when the sample is being taken up for analysis. FluoroWand preserves sample integrity for demanding ICPMS analyses of small volume or chemically reactive samples where high precision and ultralow detection limits are required.

Fluoronetic Autosampler Video

Fluoronetic Autosampler Video

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