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Analab Sample Preparation Accessories

Analab EasyTrace – Acid Vapor Labware Cleaning Systems

EasyTrace Systems provide high purity vessel cleaning without requiring ultrapure acids. They safely operate unattended with low operating costs and help produce low repeatable blank levels.

Better Sample Preparation = Better Results

  • Take the guesswork and manual steps out of your labware cleaning process for trace metal analysis with the automated EasyTrace systems
  • Analab’s unique vapor distillation process cleans your glass and plastic laboratory vessels safely and efficiently with small volumes of acid in a closed system
  • EasyTrace delivers significant costs savings by distilling reagent-grade acids and automating a typically labor-intensive process
  • The EasyTrace system automates the acid cleaning phase, while the addition of the CleanRinseDry (CRD) capability fully completes the vessel cleaning process with the automated rinsing and drying of your labware
  • No operator contact with corrosive acids with enclosed EasyTrace and EasyTrace CRD systems


EasyTrace provides automated acid vapor cleaning of laboratory vessels

  • Operates with remotely located Analab regulator (110 V and 208-240 V models)
  • Utilizes small volumes of acids (300-500 mL) such as HNO3, HCL, HF
  • Cleaning acid can be manually exchanged with water to provide steam rinsing
  • Available in two system heights (L and XL) to accommodate different vessel sizes and capacities

EasyTrace with CleanRinseDry (EasyTrace CRD) fully automates the Cleaning, Rinsing and Drying steps

  • Supports a dual acid capability to allow automated acid vapor cleaning with two different acids
  • Provides a steam rinse cycle with heated water
  • Completes the process with a heated drying cycle

Large EasyTrace System

Large EasyTrace System

Large EasyTrace with CRD Model

Large EasyTrace with CRD Model

How It Works

  • Closed-environment fluoropolymer EasyTrace enclosure for laboratory vessels equipped with a heated zone on the bottom of the unit
  • Small quantity of reagent grade acid (or water) is heated to create high-purity vapor that rises up into vessels
  • Vapors cool and condense on vessel walls, dissolving contaminants on the surfaces and pores of the vessel walls
  • Condensed droplets containing impurities drain down the vessel walls and return to the heating tray base
  • All contaminants stay in the base of the system; only clean acid vapors or steam reaches the vessels
  • In base EasyTrace system exchanges of acid and water from the base is performed manually when needed
  • EasyTrace with CleanRinseDry (CRD) provides automated switching between acids, water, and a final drying step to fully automate the vessel cleaning process
How It Works

CRD Automation

The EasyTrace CRD (Clean/Rinse/Dry) completely automates the labware cleaning process. A fully automated controller fills/empties the cleaning chamber with timed operating temperature cycles, then dries the chamber and contents after the cleaning and rinse steps are completed.

CRD Automation

A variety of accessories are available to support vessels, caps and pipette tips inside the EasyTrace and EasyTrace CRD systems.

All Systems Equipped with Tray and Removable Rods

All Systems Equipped with Tray and Removable Rods

EasyTrace Tray with Small Vessel Holder

Tray with Small Vessel Holder

EasyTrace Tray with Middle Plate and Rods

Tray with Middle Plate and Rods

EasyTrace Tray with Small Vessel Holder and Middle Plate

Tray with Small Vessel Holder and Middle Plate

P’Tips Racks for Cleaning Various Pipette Tip Sizes

P’Tips Racks for Cleaning Various Pipette Tip Sizes

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