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Autodilution & Autocalibration Systems

prepFAST – How It Works

prepFAST System Fully Automated Operation.
  • SampleSense rapidly loads and senses a discrete volume of sample or stock standard
  • Within seconds internal standard and diluent (if needed) are syringe-added to the sample to prepare it for analysis
  • The prepared sample is injected into the ICP/ICPMS and the analysis is triggered
  • During the analysis the sample probe is rinsed
  • After the analysis the entire flow path is rinsed by high-speed syringe flush
Sample Sensed/Sample Diluted
SampleSense prepFAST Valve Enclosure

prepFAST in Action

SampleSense prepFAST Autodilution Video

SampleSense prep<em>FAST</em> Autodilution Video

P-Series prepFAST Operation

P-Series prepFAST Operation

prepFAST – Just add ICP/ICPMS

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