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Autodilution & Autocalibration Systems

Dilutions. Wouldn’t You Rather be Doing Something Else?

prepFAST X are advanced inline dilution systems designed for ICP & ICPMS. They unite the intelligent autocorrection capabilities of DXCi autosamplers and the automated rapid throughput of SampleSense FAST valves with a precision syringe module to perform precise and accurate inline dilutions of standards.

prepFAST X Dilutes Samples Right at the Moment of Analysis

  • Dilutes all samples by the same factor, or on a sample-by-sample basis
  • Improves precision and accuracy
  • Reduces vial and reagent usage
  • Improves sample throughput and washout
  • Eliminates manual procedures in sample preparation workflow
S400V prepFAST Syringe Module

S400V prepFAST Syringe Module for rapid and accurate sample dilution, internal standard addition, and post-analysis high speed rinsing.

Eliminate Manual Dilutions

Wouldn’t you rather be doing something else?

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