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Autodilution & Autocalibration Systems

prepFAST X – Autocorrecting Autosampler

prepFAST X systems all feature the DXCi Autocorrecting Autosampler, which automatically corrects the probe position – even when accidentally obstructed.

DXCi Highlights

  • Automatically goes to the correct position, even when accidentally obstructed
  • Keeps analysis running for highest productivity
  • Highest speed of operation
  • Self-supporting Parabolic Probe to eliminate kinking
  • Highest accuracy – Optimal for small tubes & microplates
DXCi Autosampler Video

prepFAST DXCi Autosampler Features Diagram

prepFAST DXCi Autosampler Features Diagram

prepFAST X – The perfect partner for any ICP/ICPMS

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