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Sample Introduction Kits

HF-Resistant Sample Introduction Kits

The PFA kit is an ultra-pure, HF-resistant introduction system. All wetted surfaces are PFA and sapphire or platinum. It is used by a majority of semiconductor labs worldwide for the analysis of semiconductor-grade chemicals and other high purity chemicals.


  • Easy installation
  • Clean PFA components for lower background equivalent concentration (BEC) and detection limits
  • O-ring-free connections—ensures lowest BEC’s, highest chemical resistance and easy cleaning
  • Chemically resistant—suitable for nearly all samples, including strong acids, alkalis and organic solvents
  • Low sample consumption—ideal for VPD and preconcentrated samples
  • Fast washout

Used by labs worldwide for geochemical/metallurgical application or other analysis requiring HF-resistance.

Part No Description
ES-2160-7718-19 Semiconductor Fluorospray Kit - Platinum - Agilent 7900/8900 - 1.8 mm ID
ES-2160-7725-19 Semiconductor Fluorospray Kit - Platinum - Agilent 7900/8900 - 2.5 mm ID
ES-2240-4350-27 PFA-Sapphire Inert Introduction Upgrade Kit for Bruker ICPMS
M237-DV-29 HF-Resistant Sample Introduction Kit for Avio 200/500 ICP
ES-2180-1471-29 O-ring Free PFA-Sapphire Acid Resistant Upgrade Kit for Thermo Element/XR/Neptune
ES-2181-1471-19 O-Ring-Free PFA-Platinum Upgrade Kit for Thermo Element

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