Analab - an Elemental Scientific Company

Analab becomes part of Elemental Scientific

We are pleased to announce that Analab of Bischheim, France, has become part of Elemental Scientific.

Analab designs and manufactures essential equipment for the preparation and ultra-trace analysis of precious samples. Innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction are hallmarks of Analab’s continuing contributions to analytical science. Please contact us at or visit

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Analab sample preparation and digestion systems

Condition the Vessel
Purify the Reagents

Fluorospray Kits

Fluorospray Kits

HF-Resistant Sample Introduction Kits

The Fluorospray HF-Resistant Sample Introduction Kits are ideal for semiconductor grade ultrapure chemical sample analysis and HF-containing sample analysis. Each kit includes a Fluorospray PFA spray chamber, Fluorobore straight-bore Pt injector, PFA injector connector, SilQ oring-free quartz torch, Microflow PFA-ICN Nebulizer, Make-up gas line, Dilution gas line & Drain line.

  • High Stability
  • High Performing
  • High Sensitivity
  • Ultraclean
  • Chemically Resistant

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microFAST Single Cell

microFAST Single Cell

Complete Solution for Single Cell ICPMS Applications

The ability to introduce single cells into an ICPMS and measure the elemental content in each cell, or tagged to each cell, accurately takes a dedicated, well-designed sample introduction system. Having this ability allows for investigators to better understand how much of a specific nanoparticle, metallodrug, or metal-based compound enters the cell. These cells or nanoparticles will vary in size from a few nm’s up to a few 100 μm’s. The typical cell types of interest will vary and with that the stability of the cell-line also varies, such that a gentle, controlled nebulization must be employed in order to not disrupt or lyse the cell.

Benefits of the microFAST Single Cell System

  • Flexible sample volumes - µL to mL of sample
  • Automated sample introduction
  • Low pressure sample introduction, e.g. ensure cells stay intact
  • High transport efficiency

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Metallomics - Integrated Biomedical Science


Speciation and Total Metals Analysis

September 2020 Issue of Metallomics cover art representing work accomplished using the prepFAST IC.

“LC-ICP-MS method for the determination of "extractable copper" in serum”

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“Automated ICP-MS method to measure bromine, chlorine, and iodine species and total metals content in drinking water”

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“A fully automated total metals and chromium speciation single platform introduction system for ICP-MS”

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