Automated Speciation

Sample matrix affects both species separation and elution rates on chromatographic columns and requires special chromatographic software to define and integrate each species peak. The prepFAST autodilution alternative, when combined with syringe driven speciation, provides:

  • rapid fully automated analysis of species with accurate and precise results
  • autocalibrate for any speciation system
  • autodilute samples with complex matrix to obtain reproducible separation and elution/retention time
  • reduce risk of species conversion through inline dilution immediately before separation

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microFAST MC

microFAST MC - Dual Loop Syringe Loading & Injection

Nd Isotope

Minimizing the amount of Nd required to obtain desired precision (> 50 ppm) and throughput for precious oceanographic samples is illustrated in two figures. First, internal precision is for plotted for variable amounts of Nd injected at 100 µL/min for two minutes. Less than 50 ppm (2 RSD) internal precision is obtained for 2 ng samples of Nd. Repeat analysis of reference materials JNdi and La Jolla indicate that the external precision for 2 ng of Nd is similar to the 50 ppm internal precision and appropriate for oceanographic applications.

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Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry


Speciation and Total Metals Analysis

February 2019 Issue of Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry (JAAS) cover art representing work accomplished using the prepFAST IC.

“A fully automated total metals and chromium speciation single platform introduction system for ICP-MS”

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“Use of an inline dilution method to eliminate species interconversion for LC-ICP-MS based applications: focus on arsenic in urine”

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