Automated Determination of PPQ Levels of Thorium in High Purity Copper and Automated Radium Preconcentration System

truFAST ICPMS automatically performs on-line preconcentration specific radionuclides to reduce matrix-related interferences and enhance sensitivity by an order of magnitude or more. truFAST can eliminate lengthy off-line sample preparation, speed analytical results, better control blanks, and improve detection limits for radioisotopes by ICPMS.

All truFAST systems include:

  • DX Autosampler with PC3 FAST Complete System
  • Integrated precision MP2 micro peristaltic pump
  • Two high-purity fluoropolymer injection valves and all connections
  • Chelation column(s)
  • Suggested methods

Various applications are available, including:

  • Ra: Radium analysis in natural waters: Polyatomic interferences arising from Ba and Sr are automatically removed online using ion exchange techniques, providing extremely low background levels and superb detection limits. (Cation exchange column, Sr preconcentration column)
  • Th, U: Th in transition metal matrices: Thorium impurities in high purity Cu may be measured by chelating Th while removing the Cu matrix ions via an ion exchange column. Thorium is then eluted and measured in an ICPMS.
    (Th/U preconcentration column)

Th and U may also be determined in high saline matrices using the seaFAST system. For even greater sensitivity, add the Apex Q to the truFAST.

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TRUFAST Preconcentration and Matrix Removal System
TRUFAST Preconcentration and
Matrix Removal System
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