SC-FAST for SC-DX Automated Systems

The SC-FAST is a complete automated sample introduction system for ICPOES/ICPMS, which improves sample throughput up to 300%. The SC-FAST increases productive instrument time by reducing sample uptake, stabilization and rinse steps.

  • High speed vacuum sample loading minimizes sample uptake time
  • Complete elimination of peristaltic pump memory effects
  • Improved data quality
  • Lower reagent costs
  • Lower cost of consumables and routine maintenance
  • Supports online internal standard addition
  • Supports online dilution
  • Operates without alteration to analytical measurement time
  • Compatible with all ICPOES/ICPMS systems
  • Pre-loaded FAST and ICP methods for rapid implementation
  • Configurable for many applications
  • Optional precision micro peripump (MP2)
  • Optional high speed and high precision syringe sample loading available

Utilizing a high flow vacuum pump, 6-port valve and ESI's SC-Software, the SC-FAST is able to rapidly deliver the sample for analysis, saving valuable time. The unique design eliminates sample contact with peristaltic pump tubing, minimizing cross contamination. The peristaltic pump operates at a single, constant speed, further enhancing system stability. The SC-FAST rinses the probe sample lines while the sample is being analyzed, making the DX FAST a true multi-tasking sample automated system.

SC-FAST Brochure
FAST  Minicatalog

SC-FAST for SC-DX Automated Systems

The FAST system can be integrated to any SC-DX Automated System. The FAST controls an inert injection valve for sample injection or chromatography applications.

FAST Automation Animation

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