SampleSense for SC-FAST and prepFAST Systems

SampleSense is the only sample introduction valve on the market with optical sensor technology. It is a fully automated sampling valve for ICP and ICPMS, featuring Intelligent Sample Verification (ISV). The valve automatically detects and injects the sample and then triggers the analysis. This technology is available for Elemental Scientific’s FAST and prepFAST systems. It further increases instrument productivity and fully automates the sample uptake process.

  • Active verification of filled sample loop
  • Automatic triggering of ICP/ICPMS for analysis
  • Full integration with ESI autosamplers equipped with FAST or prepFAST technologies
Ease of Use:

  • Eliminate all sample uptake method development – no uptake delays required
  • Optimize loading conditions for each sample matrix
  • Change sample loop sizes without needing to alter method settings
  • Automatic compensation for drift caused by kinked lines or partial blockages
Intelligent Sample Verification (ISV):

  • Support loading of small volume samples
  • Minimize sample consumption
  • Automatically load samples that vary in viscosities
  • Actively monitors and reports sample loading issues caused by:
    - Empty tubes or vials
    - Capped vials
    - Empty standard or QC vials
    - Bubbles present in sample loop
Productivity Enhancements:

  • Improve sample throughput by 2-5x with discrete sampling
  • Reduce exposure of samples to instrument for lower required maintenance
  • Reduce consumption of argon, power, and reagents

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SampleSense for SC-FAST and prepFAST Systems

SampleSense for SC-FAST and prepFAST Systems

Sample Sense Valve with Different Sample Types Animation

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  • Autodilution – Automatically dilute samples with the click of a button
  • Autocalibration – Create instrument calibration curves from a single stock standard
  • Auto QC Dilution – Automatically re-run and dilute samples that fail sample QC for concentration or internal standard recovery
  • Automatic IS Addition – Automatic syringe addition of internal standard to every sample just before analysis


  • Eliminate offline dilution
  • Reduce reagent usage
  • Improve data quality
  • Enhance laboratory workflow and productivity
  • Excellent return on investment

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SampleSense Operation

The SampleSense valve operates with ESI autosamplers equipped with both FAST and prepFAST technologies. The fully automated SampleSense operation with FAST is shown in the schematics below; operation with prepFAST systems follows the same process.

1.) Initiate Sample Loading –
Inlet Sensor Activated

2.) Sample Loading Complete –
Exit Sensor Activated

3.) Sample Analysis Automatically Triggered by SampleSense

Intelligent Sample Verification (ISV)

SampleSense’s ISV technology provides positive confirmation that the samples loaded properly. SampleSense sends loading error reports directly to the instrument software when the following conditions occur:

  • Empty tubes or vials
  • Capped vials
  • Empty standard or QC vials
  • Bubbles present in sample loop

Viscous Samples with SampleSense

Sample loading speed is impacted by the viscosity of a given sample. High viscosity samples require additional time for the sample to be transported from the autosampler probe to the sample loop while low viscosity samples require less time. SampleSense automatically detects the arrival of the sample at the valve, eliminating the need to determine the required sample loading time for each sample matrix analyzed. In the experiment below a highly viscous sample (concentrated sulfuric acid) was automatically loaded into a prepFAST system equipped with SampleSense.

Experimental Highlights:

  • 1.5 mL sample loop
  • Sulfuric acid diluted 50x with prepFAST
  • H20 loading time 8 seconds; H2SO4 loading time 100 seconds
    • SampleSense eliminates sample uptake method development and the associated sample waste.
    • SampleSense optimizes the loading time saving 92 seconds each time the non-viscous sample is introduced.
    • SampleSense also saves significant amount of sample each time the non-viscous sample is introduced.
  • Internal standards monitored during 2.5 hour ICPMS analysis

Small Sample Volumes with SampleSense

Samples of limited volume must frequently be introduced for analysis. SampleSense supports these small volume samples with ISV technology by minimizing sample consumption during the sample loading process. Once the sample loop is fully loaded, the sample injection and analysis are triggered automatically. Shown below is an example of FAST with SampleSense utilized to load and inject small sample volumes into an ICP system.

Experimental Highlights:

  • FAST with SampleSense valve with 250 µL sample loop
  • 750 µL of 1 ppm standard loaded into each position of a 96 well microplate
  • Excellent stability demonstrated for 96 replicate analyses

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