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Mehlich-3-ICP is a method for determining bioavailable concentrations of 11 extractable micronutrient elements in soil samples. Mehlich-3-ICP is invaluable for determining the amount of fertilizer to apply to farm fields. Because soil analyses must be completed in a narrow time window, ultra-high sample throughtput with high-reliability is required.

SampleSense Soil uses an inert injection valve with built-in optical sensors that automatically detect the liquid sample, inject the valve and trigger the ICP read in a tightly-timed analytical sequence. This ultra high-throughput system eliminates wasted time from the ICP method and can double or even triple sample throughput while recording missing or empty tubes.


  • 10 samples per minute Mehlich-3-ICP
  • Automatic sensing, injection, and triggering of the ICP analytical read
  • Detection and reporting of missing or empty sample tubes as “unsensed” samples
  • Adding SampleSense FAST UHT can double or even triple sample throughput
Ease of Use:
  • Optical detection of the filled sample loop automatically triggers ICP analysis
  • Removes timing and read delay adjustments
  • Eliminates method development when changing sample loop size for other methods

View SampleSense Soil App Note

View SampleSense Soil Agilent 5000 Series App Note
SampleSense 6 Port Valve with Dual Optical Sensors

SampleSense 6 Port Valve with Dual Optical Sensors

Part # Description
2F-SS6-UHT SampleSense Soil 2DXCi
4F-SS6-UHT SampleSense Soil 4DXCi
8F-SS6-UHT SampleSense Soil 8DXCi
14F-SS6-UHT SampleSense Soil 14DXCi

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Automated Compensation of Physical Clogs and Timing Variables:

  • Reliable timing down to 0.05 s and better
  • Compensates for:
    - Partial clogs from filter paper fibers, particles, etc.
    - Accidental line kinks
    - Timing variables caused by high or low sample tube levels
    - ICP computer slow-down from software and data storage

Increased Productivity:

  • Produces long analytical runs without operator intervention
  • Minimized sample consumption allows reanalysis
  • Doubles or triples throughput of ICP instrument
  • Reduces argon consumption

SampleSense FAST UHT for Mehlich-3-ICP Soil Analysis

  • 11 Elements determined: B, Ca, Cu, Fe, K, Mg, Mn, Na, S, P, Zn
  • ICP read triggered from dual sensor optical sample detection
  • 360 samples analyzed in <35 minutes
  • 6 second sample-to-sample time
  • <2 mL of sample consumed (vacuum control)
  • Automatic detection of empty or missing sample tubes
  • Most reliable high-throughput system on the market

Start Sample Load / Rinse Nebulizer

Sample Load Complete / Rinse Nebulizer

Rinse Probe / Inject Sample

Calibration Curves 6 s Soil Method

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

SampleSense Soil Rinse-out

The SampleSense Soil rinse-out immediately reduces all elements to concentrations well below the bottom standard when using the six second Mehlich-3-ICP procedure. Additional seconds can be added to the rinse-out to meet lab requirements.

The system can deliver rinse-out factors of 1,000x, 10,000x or more depending on how clear the spray chamber needs to be before the next sample is introduced.


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