SampleSense Oil

The SampleSense Oil system provides ultra-high throughput analysis for in-service oil laboratories running ASTM Method D5185. SampleSense Oil combines ultra-high throughput ICP-OES analysis, minimizes ICP system maintenance, maximizes profit per sample and provides significantly improved data.

SampleSense Oil combines the DXCi Autocorrecting Autosampler with SampleSense technology to fully automate the sample loading process. After the sample is mixed, the unique SampleSense valve automatically detects the presence of sample as it is loaded rapidly from the autosampler. Once the sample loop fill is confirmed by the sensors, the sample is automatically injected and the ICP-OES analysis is triggered for a tightly timed analytical sequence.

SampleSense Oil is available on several ICP systems; three examples are shown below.

PerkinElmer™ Avio™ 500 ICP-OES

4DXCi SampleSense Oil

4DXCi SampleSense Oil

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Part # Total Sample Capacity Description
2F-SSOil 180 2DXCi SampleSense Oil
4F-SSOil 360 4DXCi SampleSense Oil
8F-SSOil 720 8DXCi SampleSense Oil
14F-SSOil 1260 14DXCi SampleSense Oil


  • SampleSense optically monitored sample loading
    - Fully automated sample loading – no timings required
    - Automatically adjusts for samples of varying viscosity
  • DXCi Autocorrecting Autosampler intelligently autocorrects probe position
  • Gas infusion mixing provides rapidly controlled sample homogenization
  • Patent-pending probe design that eliminates sample drips


  • Reduces carbon buildup on torch
  • Maximizes profit per sample
  • Eliminates oil drips from sample probe
  • Improves stability for longer, more productive runs
  • Up to 180 samples per hour

See It In Action

SampleSense Oil Analysis System with Agilent 5900 ICP-OES

4DXCi SampleSense Oil analysis system on Agilent 5900 ICP-OES

4DXCi SampleSense Oil analysis system on PerkinElmer Avio ICP-OES

4DXCi SampleSense Oil analysis system on PerkinElmer Avio ICP-OES

4DXCi SampleSense Oil analysis system on Thermo Fisher Scientific™ iCAP™ PRO XPS ICP-OES

4DXCi SampleSense Oil analysis system on Thermo iCAP™ PRO XPS ICP-OES

SampleSense Oil Sample Mixing, Loading and Injection

1. Probe enters the sample and sample is mixed

2. Sample is rapidly loaded into SampleSense Valve and sensed

3. Discreet sample is injected into instrument and ICP method is triggered

SampleSense Oil Analytical Cycle

SampleSense Oil system 11+ hour stability run for 4 additive elements

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