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Clinical laboratories can analyze hundreds or even thousands of samples per day. For this level of volume to be achieved, high-throughput methods with instrumentation capable of handling this extreme sample load must be maintained to provide fast, reliable, and accurate results. ESI offers the SampleSense Clinical system, which is an extremely fast sample-to-sample solution for ICP and ICPMS without compromising reliability or accuracy.

Robust Operation, Improved Throughput

  • Optical sensors in the valve automatically adjust loop load time and inject sample as soon as the loop is full
  • Samples load correctly even with partial clogs or other physical problems
  • DXCi autocorrecting autosampler reaches the correct vial even if temporarily obstructed
  • Low sample consumption – analyze a micro-sample more than once
  • Ultra-High throughput is achieved combining SampleSense FAST with a UHT valve

Ease of Use

  • Automatically trigger ICPMS data acquisition at the correct time
  • Built-in error reporting detects and records underfilled or capped vials
  • An element added to the carrier allows QC to flag non-sample events


  • Dual rinse station contains surfactant in Rinse 1 and UPW in Rinse 2
  • During ICPMS analysis, the sample probe loads and traps surfactant from Rinse 1 and then waits in Rinse 2
  • After analysis, both rinses immediately and sequentially clean the system
SampleSense FAST UHT Blood on NexION 2000

SampleSense FAST UHT Blood on NexION 2000

SampleSense FAST UHT Blood on Thermo ICAP Q

SampleSense FAST UHT Blood on Thermo iCAP Q

PerkinElmer NexION 2000 SampleSense Clinical App Note

Thermo Scientific iCAP RQ SampleSense Clinical App Note
SampleSense 6 Port Valve with Dual Optical Sensors

SampleSense 6 Port Valve with Dual Optical Sensors

Part # Description
2F-SS6-UHTC SampleSense FAST Clinical 2DXCi
4F-SS6-UHTC SampleSense FAST Clinical 4DXCi
8F-SS6-UHTC SampleSense FAST Clinical 8DXCi
14F-SS6-UHTC SampleSense FAST Clinical 14DXCi

*Autosampler model may be dependant on ICPMS. Contact your ESI representative for more information.

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Features & Benefits

  • Uses FAST technology to improve sample throughput.
  • Includes the SampleSense valve with integrated optical sensors to automatically load, detect, and inject samples.
  • Automatically triggers the instrument data acquisition, eliminating the need to switch methods for changes in sample viscosity or injection loop volume.
  • Ensures sample loading integrity by logging any potential failed sample loading events (e.g. not enough sample volume, missing vials, capped vials, or empty rinse station).
  • Enhanced washout and reduction in sample volume.

Precision Uptake


Probe moves into sample

Sample is sensed, trapping valve closes, valve injects

High Speed Rinse

Probe moves in to Rinse 2 with trapped rinse; sample analysis continues

Valve opens, Rinse 1 & 2 clean loop and go to Waste; analysis complete

Valve opens, Rinse 1 & 2 clean loop and go to Waste; analysis complete, marked carrier follows

Enhanced Washout

Achieving rapid throughput without sacrificing stability requires excellent washout between samples. The SampleSense Clinical setup utilizes a trapping valve to enhance washout. This valve traps rinse solution in the probe and immediately rinses the loop after the ICPMS data acquisition is complete,using minimal rinse solution while still achieving > 1000x washout after a 100 μg/dL Pb standard.


The SampleSense FAST Clinical was used to analyze 576 bovine blood samples (50x dilution) located in six 96-well microtiter plates in a single analytical run with extremely stable results (<1% RSD). This level of performance is unmatched by any clinical system on the market.

Long-term stability for 50X diluted bovine blood analysis with SampleSense FAST Clinical system (RSD = 0.96 %).

Sample Size Options

The SampleSense Clinical system is available with a range of autosampler models to suit customer requirements. The 2DXi and 4DXi models can accommodate micro- and microtitre racks in addition to standard sized test tube racks.

Example of a 4DXCi Configuration

Micro 90 (P/N MR-90-08), 5x12 (P/N LR-60-16), MT-96 (P/N MT-96-2mL-02)

Close up of the probe inserted into one of the wells of a 96 well microtiter plate with 2 mL of diluted blood per location, enough to perform a repeat analysis (using a 500 μL sample loop) if required.

Sample Integrity

Sample integrity is an important consideration for high-throughput methods and cannot be ignored or compromised for speed. To that end, the SampleSense FAST Clinical can ensure the integrity of the sample results in two critical ways. First, every failed event (unsensed sample loading or rinse) is logged by the ESI software (in an Excel spreadsheet for easy exporting) and displayed on the computer screen for the analyst. Secondly, as additional confirmation of a missed sample in the raw ICPMS data, a marker component can be added to the carrier solution. If a sample fails to load correctly, SampleSense automatically responds by triggering the ICPMS analysis without injecting the sample loop contents, resulting in the analysis of the marked carrier solution. The presence of this marker can be monitored to provide additional confirmation to the analyst that a specific sample was not introduced successfully.

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