prepFAST S
Automated Introduction of Pure Semiconductor Chemicals for ICPMS Analysis

Fluoronetics is fluoropolymer kinetic motion. It goes beyond coatings. Fluoronetics is true fluoropolymer mechanical action in laboratory automation. Magnetically-coupled linear drive with 100% fluoropolymer movement eliminates corrosion for hundreds of thousands of sample cycles.

Long-lived, chemically resistant and developed at Elemental Scientific, Fluoronetics is now available with all prepFAST S systems to further ensure the integrity of ultrapure semiconductor samples.

The prepFAST S has revolutionized the way ultrapure semiconductor grade chemicals are analyzed with ICPMS detection. The prepFAST S utilizes syringe-driven flows of UPW, semiconductor grade acids, and standard solution to automate both sample dilutions and standard curve generation. It eliminates manual handling of samples to deliver sub-ppt detection limit capabilities.

prepFAST S Autocalibration

The prepFAST S automatically prepares calibration curves for over 40 elements controlled in semiconductor manufacturing processes. Calibrations are generated by automatically diluting an enclosed multielement stock standard. Automation with the high-purity prepFAST S achieves low to sub-ppt calibrations.

High Purity Automation with Sub-PPT results


  • Automatic external and MSA calibrations
  • Automated sample sensing
    - accounts for viscosity and automatically adjusts timing
    - detects and injects the sample and triggers the ICPMS
  • Automated syringe-driven sample introduction
    - Sample loading
    - Sample preparation
    - Inline dilution
    - Acid addition


  • Ultraclean sample preparation
  • Integrated ultraclean sample environment
  • Includes ultraclean fluoronetic autosampler and air shower (options include):
    - ULPA (Ultrapure air) filter
    - Sample racks for PFA containers (<1 mL to 500 mL)
  • Continuously-flowing high purity UPW rinse (user-supplied UPW)
  • UPW polishing columns for low background

PPT/Sub-PPT Results

  • Capability to analyze all semiconductor grade chemicals
  • PPT/PPQ detection limits for all semiconductor elements

prepFAST S Inline Dilution of Semiconductor-grade Chemicals

The prepFAST S allows dilution by volume or weight for all semiconductor-grade chemicals. Metals are quantified using automated inline MSA or external calibration. Automated direct analysis of concentrated chemicals eliminates sample contamination caused by manual dilution into a secondary container.

prepFAST S Autocalibration

prepFAST S System Schematic

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