PC3 Peltier Chiller

The PC3 is a compact Peltier Cooled inlet system which incorporates the ESI cyclonic spray chamber. The Peltier within the PC3 is air cooled, as such the system can be connected to any ICP-OES or ICP-MS. The PC3 cools the outer walls of the cyclonic spray chamber reducing the water or solvent vapor loading on the plasma resulting in enhanced stability and performance.

  • Thermal stabilization of spray chamber improves long-term stability
  • Default settings of spray chamber temperature (+2°C/ -5°C) for aqueous or organic solvents. Custom temperature settings are available upon request
  • Interchangeable quartz, PFA and borosilicate cyclonic spray chambers available
  • Fast rinse-out using PFA-ST nebulizer and O-ring-free quartz cyclonic spray chamber
  • Reduced oxides
  • No separate chiller required
    - No antifreeze required
    - No algae growth
    - No water lines
  • Robust, with very little maintenance reducing the chance of accidental breakage
  • Long lifetime
  • Very low maintenance

The PC3-SSI incorporates a dual spray chamber which further homogenizes the sample aerosol stream giving improved stability. Ideal for high precision Isotope Ratio analysis.

Isotope Standard Inlet PC3 PC3-SSI
Co-59 1.03% 0.92% 0.53%
In-115 1.32% 1.08% 0.40%
Ba-138 0.96% 0.90% 0.48%
U-238 1.16% 0.93% 0.34%
Short term signal stability, 20 min analysis time n = 10

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Air cooled PC3 (Peltier Cooled)

Air cooled PC3 (Peltier Cooled)

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