PolyPro-ST Nebulizers

The PolyPro-ST Nebulizer is a low cost HF resistant alternative to the PFA nebulizers. The PolyPro has lower chemical resistance than the PFA nebulizers but have the same high efficiency aerosol generation. A robust nebulizer that can self aspirate with an exchangeable external sample uptake capillary or used with a peristaltic pump.

  • Exchangeable uptake capillaries allow one nebulizer to be used at different self-aspiration rates from 20µL/min to 700µL/min.
  • Polypropylene and PFA construction.
  • Chemically resistant to most samples including HF.
  • Can be pumped from 0.1mL/min to 5.0mL/min.
  • Produces a fine aerosol for high transport efficiency and high sensitivity.
  • Longer lifetime than glass or quartz nebulizers.
  • Capillaries available:
    • 0.15 mm i.d. 20µL/min
    • 0.20 mm i.d. 50µL/min
    • 0.25 mm i.d. 100µL/min – recommended for peristaltic pumping 0.1 to 1.0mL/min
    • 0.30 mm i.d. 200µL/min
    • 0.50 mm i.d. 400µL/min—recommended for peristaltic pumping 0.5 to 3.0mL/min
    • 0.80 mm i.d. 700µL/min.—recommended for peristaltic pumping up to 5.0mL/min
    • 1.00 mm i.d. 1mL/min.

Autosampler Probes
Flanged autosampler probes for self aspiration at a variety of flow rates with PolyPro-ST nebulizers are also available, as well as complete kits for peristaltic pumping.

Autosamplers supported:

  • ESI DX Autosamplers
  • Agilent Integrated Autosampler I-AS
  • Cetac ASX-100
  • Cetac ASX-500 series
  • Perkin Elmer AS-9X series
  • Gilson
  • Spectro AS-400
  • Varian SMS

PolyPro-ST Obstruction Removal Kit
This kit is designed specifically to remove obstructions from ST-type nebulizers. The kit includes one guide and ten pieces of fused silica with easy to follow instructions.

Download Removal Kit Brochure

Download Brochure

PolyPro-ST Nebulizer
PolyPro-ST Nebulizer

700µL/min capillary for a PolyPro-ST nebulizer

Obstruction Removal Kit

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