PFA-ST Nebulizers

The PFA-ST Nebulizer features the same high purity, HF resistance, and high performance of the PFA MicroFlow nebulizers, along with an exchangeable external sample uptake capillary. The sample uptake rate is controlled by the dimension of the external capillary or probe.

  • Exchangeable uptake capillaries allow one nebulizer to be used at different self-aspiration rates from 20µL/min to 700µL/min.
  • All PFA construction.
  • Chemically resistant - ideal for strong acids, alkalis, organics.
  • Can be pumped from 0.1mL/min to 3.0mL/min.
  • Produces a fine aerosol for high transport efficiency and high sensitivity.
  • Direct analysis of volatile and non-volatile organic solvents.
  • Capillaries available:
    • 0.15 mm i.d. 20µL/min
    • 0.20 mm i.d. 50µL/min
    • 0.25 mm i.d. 100µL/min – recommended for peristaltic pumping 0.1 to 1.0mL/min
    • 0.30 mm i.d. 200µL/min
    • 0.50 mm i.d. 400µL/min—recommended for peristaltic pumping 0.5 to 3.0mL/min
    • 0.80 mm i.d. 700µL/min

Autosampler Probes
Flanged autosampler probes for self aspiration at a variety of flow rates with PFA-ST nebulizers are also available, as well as complete kits for peristaltic pumping.

Autosamplers supported:

  • ESI DX Autosamplers
  • Agilent Integrated Autosampler I-AS
  • Cetac ASX-100
  • Cetac ASX-500 series
  • Perkin Elmer AS-9X series
  • Gilson
  • Spectro AS-400
  • Varian SMS

PFA-ST Obstruction Removal Kit
This kit is designed specifically to remove obstructions from ST-type nebulizers. The kit includes one guide and ten pieces of fused silica with easy to follow instructions.

Download Removal Kit Brochure

Download Brochure

PFA-ST Nebulizer
PFA-ST Nebulizer

700µL/min capillary for a PFA-ST nebulizer

Obstruction Removal Kit

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