Micro Peristaltic Pumps–High Performance, High Precision

Achieve the absolute highest level of accuracy and precision with the MP2 micro peristaltic pump. Compared to a standard peripump, sample introduction with the MP2 offers an average of 42% increase in precision and 68% increase in accuracy. With low pulsations, a steady signal, and a wide dynamic range, the MP2 is the best option for any ICP and ICPMS application.

Features of the MP2 include:

  • Very Low Pulsation
    - Accurate internal standard addition at low-flow rates.
    - Faster analysis without losing precision.
  • Wide Dynamic Range (< 1μL/min - > 10mL/min)
  • Optimized for Low Flow Rates
  • Stand Alone and Integrated Versions
  • One to Eight Channels
  • Chemically Resistant
    - Ceramic pins and PTFE-coated metal components are resistant to acids and organic solvents
  • Compact Size
  • Pump Design Extends Tubing Lifetime
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Fig 1: Average difference from the calibration was calculated for each analyte and internal standard. Accuracy was improved by MP2 on average by 68%, with extreme improvement for Zn (93%) and axial Y (90%).

MP2 pump can be integrated to a variety of instruments, including: Optima, Elan, NexION, Element 2, XSeries2 and iCAP.

Download MP2 Pump Tubing Brochure
Download MP2 Pump Tubing Kit Brochure

We offer peristaltic pump tubing for a variety of applications. From high-quality PVC to ultra-chemically-resistant Santoprene and Solva, our tubing can be used for applications across multiple industries including environmental, clinical, geophysical, and semiconductor production. We carry tubing for the ESI MP2 pump as well as standard 2-stop- and 3-stop tubing.

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MP2 Brochure
MP2-S Brochure
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Micro Peristaltic Pumps

Micro Peristaltic Pumps

MP2 Stable Internal Standards Mixing
Comparison of 100 μL/min flow rate internal standards mixing by ESI MP2 and standard peripump. MP2 shows significantly more stable mixing at low flow rates.

MP2 Stable Internal Standards Mixing

MP2 Stable Internal Standards Mixing

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