microFAST Isotope - Dual Loop Syringe Loading & Injection

The microFAST Isotope combines the advantages of the Micro DX autosampler with single or dual loop FAST capabilities and syringe based sample loading/injection. The system accurately loads a loop and then smoothly injects the solution into a μFlow concentric nebulizer at defined rates from 5-1000 μL/min. The valve on the flow injection system selects from two discrete, parallel flow paths. This allows rapid switching between solutions with minimal dead volume between the valve and the nebulizer.

  • Total sample consumption
  • Syringe load micro volumes (5-1000 µL)
  • Syringe inject at desired flow rate (5-1000 µL/min)
  • Dual loop system
  • Reliably run small volume samples at 5-1000 µL/min
  • Dual loop for high throughput and reduced carryover
  • Stable injection profiles for precise isotope ratios
  • Combine with apex 2 or Apex Omega for enhanced instrument sensitivity and low blanks

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The microFAST Isotope utilizes a syringes to precisely load micro-volumes samples (as low as 5 µL) and inject them at any user defined flow rate. The figures below illustrate the capability to produce smooth injection profiles for 5 µL samples at 100 µL/min with excellent reproducibility (<2% RSD, n=10).

5 µL Injection at 100 µL/min

10 Replicates of 5 µL Injections at 100 µL/min

The microFAST Isotope precisely syringe injects micro-volume samples (5 µL) into the Apex Omega at 5 µL/min, 10 µL/min and 20 µL/min. The figures below plot signal profiles of approximately 60 sec, 30 sec and 15 sec for a 5 µl sample. Increased sensitivity with flow rate is a result of high sample transport efficiency using the Apex Omega. Smooth injection profiles for 5 µL samples at all flow rates, results in excellent reproducibility (<2% RSD, n=5).

5 µL Injections at 5, 10, and 20 µL/min with Apex Omega

5 µL Injections at 5, 10, and 20 µL/min with Apex Omega

The dual loop configuration one loop is cleaned and loaded with sample, while the other loop is injected and analyzed. Rapid switching between loops drastically reduces long uptake and wash times associated with low sample flow rate.

Dual Loop Patent US 8,925,375 B1 on January 6, 2015

Dual Loop Schematic

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