microFAST MC - Dual Loop Syringe Loading & Injection

The microFAST MC combines the advantages of the Micro DX autosampler with single or dual loop FAST capabilities and syringe based sample loading/injection. The system accurately loads a loop and then smoothly injects the solution into a μFlow concentric nebulizer at defined rates from 5-1000 μL/min. The valve on the flow injection system selects from two discrete, parallel flow paths. This allows rapid switching between solutions with minimal dead volume between the valve and the nebulizer.

  • Total sample consumption
  • Syringe load micro volumes (5-1000 µL)
  • Syringe inject at desired flow rate (5-1000 µL/min)
  • Dual loop system
  • Reliably run small volume samples at 5-1000 µL/min
  • Dual loop for high throughput and reduced carryover
  • Stable injection profiles for precise isotope ratios
  • Combine with apex 2 or Apex Omega for enhanced instrument sensitivity and low blanks

microFAST MC Syringe Loading and Injection Animation

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Apex Omega: High Sensitivity, Multiple Stage Desolvation System

The Apex Omega desolvating nebulizer is the highest performing ICPMS sample introduction system available. An innovative combination of a multistage Peltier-cooled desolvation system in series with a helical EPTFE fluoropolymer membrane desolvator simultaneously maximizes ICPMS sensitivity and minimizes oxides.


  • Quartz or HF-resistant PFA versions available
  • Maximize Signal Intensity
  • Integrated Software Control
  • Multiple Desolvation Stages
  • Reduce Oxides and Interferences
  • Sample flow rates from 5-400 uL/min
  • Combine with prepFAST S for Low Controlled Background
  • Combine with microFAST MC for syringe loading injection
Intuitive Software Control

Software Control

Gas Flows
  • N2 Addition
  • Ar Sweep
  • Spray chamber
  • Peltier Cooler
  • Desolvator

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Part # Description
APX-O Apex Omega high performance membrane desolvation system with quartz spray chamber
APX-O-HF Apex Omega HF high performance membrane desolvation system with PFA spray chamber

apex 2: High Sensitivity, Single-Stage Desolvation System

The apex2 desolvating nebulizer is a high performance sample introduction system which increases sample transport efficiency utilizing a heated spray chamber and peltier condenser to improve sensitivity. It now benefits from a mass flow controller to provide more stable Nitrogen addition flow rates, an integrated MP2 peristaltic pump for drainage improving stability and full software control.


  • Quartz or HF-resistant PFA versions available
  • Maximize Signal Intensity
  • Integrated Software Control (apex 2)
  • Single Desolvation Stage
  • Reduces Oxides and Interferences
  • Combine with prepFAST S for Low Controlled Background
  • Combine with microFAST MC for syringe loading injection

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Part # Description
APX-2Q apex 2Q system with quartz flow path
APX-2HF apex 2HF system with PFA flow path

Autosampler Enclosures

ICP and ICPMS sample integrity is maintained with the ESI DX autosampler enclosures. The enclosures can be configured either as a dust cover or ULPA-filtered minienvironment.


  • Protects samples from airborne contamination
  • Exhaust acid fumes to protect the laboratory environment
  • Clear acrylic construction for easy sample viewing
  • Covers only the sample area—the electronics are kept outside the enclosure
  • Large hinged door provides easy access to sample racks at any time
  • Exhaust port (50 mm, included) connects to laboratory ventilation system
  • The ULPA (Ultra-Low Particle Arrester) filter upgrade is 99.999% efficient down to 0.12 microns

Enclosure Only With ULPA Filter Description
SC-1607-DX SC-1607-DX-1000 Enclosure for Micro DX Autosampler

ULPA - Ultra-Low Particulate Arrester Air Filter and Mounting Plate

The ULPA (Ultra-Low Particle Arrester) filter creates a clean, positive pressure environment for samples and standards and prevents airborne contamination. The ULPA filter removes 99.999% of 0.12 micron particles.

The ULPA filter mounting plate fits the 2DX, 4DX, Micro DX and microFAST-MC on either the right or left side of the enclosure.

ULPA Filter Specifications
Aire Volume Noise Level Power
1 m3/min 56 dBA 25W

Part # Description
SC-0602 ULPA Filter for ESI Enclosures

Sample Racks, Vials & Microplate

Sample Racks

21 Position Micro Sample Rack
14mm diameter - Fits 1mL, 2mL, & 4mL vials
(Fits: V-14-0311CG, V-14-0312CG, V-14-0314CG, V-14-0712, VPC-14-0712)

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Graduated PFA Micro Vial with Conical Bottom

1mL volume, brim full 2mL
V-14-0311CG-X - Qty 10

2mL volume, brim full 3mL
V-14-0312CG-X - Qty 10

4mL volume, brim full 4.5mL
V-14-0314CG-X - Qty 10

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X-Piercing Microplate

This rigid plastic microplate cover is primarily used to protect against environmental contamination.

96-well, 500μL microplate, polystyrene
MT-96-500-05-V - Qty 5

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