hydride S31 - Compact, Syringe-driven Hydride Generation System

The hydride S31 is a compact, syringe-driven hydride generation system that produces ultra-low detection limits for hydride-forming elements. The 3-in-1 syringe barrel on the syringe module provides pulse-free reagent delivery for the best precision, and the patent-pending hydride gas/liquid separator provides high sensitivity. The FAST sample valve in the S31 system provides high sample throughput and excellent analyte washout.

Design Features:

  • Syringe-driven reagents for hydride generation; no peristaltic pump reagent lines to replace
  • FAST  for high-throughput and excellent washout
  • Sub-ppb detection limits for hydride-forming elements
  • Simple operation with ICPMS and DX autosamplers

Simultaneous Hydride Generation and Direct Nebulization with hydride S31

The integration of an additional FAST valve provides multimode functionality to the hydride S31 for the highest flexibility and sample throughput.

Selection between the following modes of operation:

  • Simultaneous determination of hydride‑forming elements with hydride generation and direct nebulization for other elements
  • Hydride and direct nebulization determinations run sequentially
  • Independent analysis by either hydride or direct nebulization
Hydride S31 configuration with additional FAST valve for high-throughput multi-mode analysis. Nonhydride forming elements are analyzed through the Liquid Sample pathway using a nebulizer. Hydride forming elements benefit from high-sensitivity hydride generation through Gaseous Sample pathway. The ICPMS acquisition can be configured to analyze interfered elements (such as As, Se) when the nebulizer is introducing carrier liquid, thus avoiding Cl or other polyatomic interferences. Hydride S31 can also be operated simultaneously or sequentially with direct nebulization.

Turn ANY DX FAST System Into a hydride S31 System!
Just add the hydride S31 module

hydride S31 System
Part # Description
HFX-XX Hydride S31 module for any DX FAST system. Includes S31 module for hydride generation. DX FAST autosampler and hydride spray chamber (listed below) required, not included.
C3QX-XX-AMS-H Quartz AMS Hydride spray chamber for ICPMS systems; includes matrix gas port, AMS metalfree matrix gas line, additional hydride port, and drain line
ES-3173-1411-21 Quartz spray chamber with two inlets for iCAP Q/RQ/TQ systems. Supports simultaneous hydride and direct nebulization modes.

hydride S31 System
hydride S31 System

hydride S31 Feature Diagram
hydride S31 Features Diagram

Detection limits (3s) for hydride-forming elements with the hydride S31
Analyte Mass LOD (ppt)
As 75 0.3
Se 80 0.6
Sb 121 0.7
Hg 201 0.1
2 3

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