hydrideICP System - A Compact Hydride Generation System with Improved Stability & Performance

ESI's hydrideICP, a hydride generation system with integrated precision micro peristaltic pump, improves ICP detection limits for hydride-forming elements such as As, Se and Sb. Sub-ppb levels of such elements are often difficult to detect with ICP, but hydrideICP converts hydride-forming elements to gas, increasing signal intensity. In a low-volume quartz gas-liquid separator (GLS) hydrides are separated from liquid waste then carried to the ICP injector. The hydrideICP system can increase ICP sensitivity by an order of magnitude or more over a nebulizer-only system.


  • Improved detection limits for As, Se, Sb and other hydride-forming elements.
  • Improved stability
    • MP2 Micro peripump creates a stable flow of sample and reagent, producing a stable formation of H2 gas and hydrides.
  • Compact
    • hydrideICP is the smallest system of its kind on the market. (95mm x 118mm x 140mm)
  • Chemically Resistant Construction
    • Micro peripump with ceramic pins
    • PFA mixing block
    • Quartz GLS
  • Convenient
    • hydrideICP, including PFA mixing block, is completely integrated into the MP2 pump.

The hydrideICP is available with 4 or 6 channels. The 4-channel version is for basic hydride formation, and the 6-channel version allows the user to add an internal standard, such as Bi.

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hydrideICP System

hydrideICP System

Part # Description
HG-MP2-4-A Hydride generation system, including MP2 4 channel precision micro peristaltic pump and gas-liquid separator.
HG-MP2-6-A Hydride generation system, including MP2 6 channel precision micro peristaltic pump and gas-liquid separator and internal standard tee.
2 3

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