brineFAST S4 - 30% NaCl Brine

The brineFAST S4 is a high performance sample introduction system for the determination of trace impurities in brines and other high matrix samples by ICPOES. Early detection of low and sub-ppb alkaline earth and transition metals in high purity brines improves chlor alkali plant process control and prevents costly damage to fluoropolymer membrane cells. Undiluted 30% brines may be sampled and analyzed directly, eliminating offline sample preparation and reducing contamination.


  • Fully automated, inline preconcentration and matrix removal
  • Direct mode with up to 50x fixed inline dilution
  • Syringe-driven reagents for consistent chemistry and maximum throughput and cleanliness
  • Automatic cleaning of buffer cleanup column


  • Preconcentration mode for determination of low and sub-ppb Ca, Mg, and other metals in 30% brine
  • Chlor alkali plant product monitoring for caustic soda and bleach
  • Determination of alkali earth metals and many transition metals in any high salt matrix sample
  • High throughput FAST analysis with inline dilution in Direct mode

Chloralkali plant process control
The brineFAST S4 is ideal for membrane cell chlor alkali plants, which require very reliable quantification of < 5 ppb Ca, Mg, and other elements in 30% ultrapure brine to prevent costly membrane damage. With traditional ICP techniques, detection limits in 30% brine are insufficient to provide plant engineers with precise and accurate results at the required concentrations. With the reliable daily operation and improved detection limits of the brineFAST, plant engineers can ensure product specifications are maintained with fewer process adjustments and chemical inputs.

For non-membrane cell chlor alkali plants, the brineFAST S4 can be run in direct mode, allowing automatic, inline dilution of samples to limit matrix exposure in the ICP and significantly reduce ICP maintenance. The preconcentration features may still be used when necessary to improve detection limits.

Chloralkali product monitoring and certification
The brineFAST provides a convenient and powerful way to measure trace elemental impurities in chlor alkali plant products, such as sodium hydroxide and sodium hypochlorite. These products can be measured with minimal sample preparation using the same instrument methods and conditions as the ultrapure brine analysis. Characterizing final products with the brineFAST provides high-precision, long-term data trends, which can benefit plant sales.


  • Detection limits in brine up to 400x better than traditional sample introduction
  • Low blanks
  • Sub-ppb IDL's
  • Eliminate pump tubing
  • No daily maintenance
  • FAST: < 8 minutes
  • Easy ICP optimization
  • High sensitivity

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brineFAST S4 System

brineFAST S4 System


  • Preconcentration mode:
    A chelation column binds alkaline earth metals, transition metals, and rare earth elements but allows matrix Na+ and Cl- ions to be rinsed out. After the preconcentration step, analytes are eluted and detected by ICP.
  • Direct mode:
    Sample is automatically diluted inline by high-precision syringe pumps. Dilution reduces matrix effects and allows the determination of elements whose chemistry is not compatible with the preconcentration column.

Before we switched to a brineFAST S4 our results were not consistent and achieving the necessary low level was very difficult. In my experience, the outside labs that we’ve used in the past cannot see the low levels that we can with the brineFAST setup.

- Chlor alkali plant laboratory manager, USA

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