DX Autosamplers

All DX autosampler components are composed of inert, chemically resistant materials for extended lifespan. Dual X-rails and large-diameter Z-rail provide precise sampling, virtually eliminating missed samples–even on microplates.

2DX Autosampler
2DX Autosampler
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  • Robust dual rail system
  • Dual flowing rinse station
  • Precision sampling
  • Reset probe - prevents probe damage
  • Flexible rack configurations

2DX  4DX  8DX  14DX  Micro DX  Upgrades

FAST  - Upgrade for Existing DX Autosampler

The SC-FAST is a complete automated sample introduction system for ICPOES/ICPMS, which improves sample throughput up to 300%. The SC-FAST increases productive instrument time by reducing sample uptake, stabilization and rinse steps.

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prepFAST 2 - Upgrade for Existing DX Autosampler

prepFAST is the ultimate sample/standard autodilution system, automatically performing precise and accurate inline dilutions. Samples are rapidly (0.5 mL/sec) and reproducibly vacuum loaded from each autosampler location into a sample loop. From there the sample is injected (within valve) into a diluent liquid stream and transported to a low volume tee located between the valve and nebulizer. Internal standard is added in the tee to obtain final dilution factors between 1x (undiluted) and 400x.

*Mobile Autosampler Station shown, but not included.

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prepFAST M5 - Upgrade for Existing DX Autosampler

The prepFAST M5 offers syringe-driven sample loading, making it ideal for loading small or viscous samples and multiple reanalysis. It simplifies the analysis of environmental samples by providing a system that is capable of automatically calibrating the instrument and automatically diluting the samples into range. It also improves internal standard recoveries by utilizing a matrix containing internal standard while offering the best washout performance available, making difficult environmental analysis routine.

*Mobile Autosampler Station shown, but not included.

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