Apex Omega High Sensitivity Desolvating Nebulizer

The Apex Omega desolvating nebulizer is the highest performing ICPMS sample introduction system available. An innovative combination of a multistage Peltier-cooled desolvation system in series with a helical EPTFE fluoropolymer membrane desolvator simultaneously maximizes ICPMS sensitivity and minimizes oxides.


  • Quartz or HF-resistant PFA versions available
  • Maximize Signal Intensity
  • Integrated Software Control
  • Multiple Desolvation Stages
  • Reduce Oxide Formation by >100x
  • Sample flow rates from 5-400 uL/min
  • Combine with prepFAST S for Low Controlled Background
  • Combine with microFAST Isotope for syringe loading injection
Intuitive Software Control

Software Control

Gas Flows
  • N2 Addition
  • Ar Sweep
  • Spray chamber
  • Peltier Cooler
  • Desolvator

Apex Omega Brochure
Nuclear Forensics
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Apex Omega Specifications
Apex Omega HF Specifications

Apex Omega High Sensitivity Sample Introduction System
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Part # Description
APX-O Apex Omega high performance membrane desolvation system with quartz spray chamber
APX-O-HF Apex Omega HF high performance membrane desolvation system with PFA spray chamber

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Minimizing the amount of Nd required to obtain desired precision (> 50 ppm) and throughput for precious oceanographic samples is illustrated in two figures. First, internal precision is for plotted for variable amounts of Nd injected at 100 µL/min for two minutes. Less than 50 ppm (2 RSD) internal precision is obtained for 2 ng samples of Nd. Repeat analysis of reference materials JNdi and La Jolla indicate that the external precision for 2 ng of Nd is similar to the 50 ppm internal precision and appropriate for oceanographic applications.

Sample Amount

Presented at Goldschmidt Yokohama 2016; Nicholas S. Lloyd, Paul Watson, and M. Paul Field

Reproducibility for 2 ng

Presented at Goldschmidt Yokohama 2016; Nicholas S. Lloyd, Paul Watson, and M. Paul Field

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The Apex Omega sweep & N2 gas flows are optimized via software controlled MFC's. The stability of gas flow regulation is proven by 235U/238U mass bias stabilities that are typically better than 60 ppm (1 RSD) over analytical sessions of 15+ hours.

CRM Accuracy and Precision


Presented at American Geophysical Union San Francisco 2016; M. Paul Field, Nicholas S. Lloyd, and Paul Watson

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The microFAST Isotope and the Apex Omega provide high precision potassium isotope ratios with greatly reduced uptake and wash times, thereby improving frequency of sample standard bracketing.

NIST SRM 70b Against BSW

Presented at Goldschmidt Paris 2017; Nicholas S. Lloyd, Grant Craig, Paul Watson, M. Paul Field, Leah E. Morgan, Danielle Santiago Ramos, and John A. Higgins

Apex Omega and microFAST Isotope on Thermo Neptune

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