Apex Omega High Sensitivity Desolvating Nebulizer

The Apex Omega desolvating nebulizer is the highest performing ICPMS sample introduction system available. An innovative combination of a multistage Peltier-cooled desolvation system in series with a helical EPTFE fluoropolymer membrane desolvator simultaneously maximizes ICPMS sensitivity and minimizes oxides.


  • Quartz or HF-resistant PFA versions available
  • Maximize Signal Intensity
  • Integrated Software Control
  • Multiple Desolvation Stages
  • Reduce Oxide Formation by >100x
  • Sample flow rates from 5-400 uL/min
  • Combine with prepFAST S for Low Controlled Background
  • Combine with microFAST Isotope for syringe loading injection
Intuitive Software Control

Software Control

Gas Flows
  • N2 Addition
  • Ar Sweep
  • Spray chamber
  • Peltier Cooler
  • Desolvator

Apex Omega Brochure
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Apex Omega Specifications
Apex Omega HF Specifications

Apex Omega High Sensitivity Sample Introduction System
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Part # Description
APX-O Apex Omega high performance membrane desolvation system with quartz spray chamber
APX-O-HF Apex Omega HF high performance membrane desolvation system with PFA spray chamber

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The IntraClean automatically cleans all wetted surfaces of Apex systems and restores optimum performance with easy one-button operation. All sample introduction systems, including desolvators, can accumulate residue after the prolonged analysis of moderate to high concentration samples. In desolvating systems, this is observed as either elevated background or signal spikes and requires periodic cleaning.

IntraClean Apex Cleaner Benefits:

  • Easy set-up with press-in fluid connections
  • Push button operation
  • Customizable cleaning cycles with optional software control
  • Elimination of contaminants that cause spiking signals
  • Low, stable background

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SC-Micro Autosampler

The Micro DX autosampler, although designed for micro volume samples (25-1000 µL) maintains the flexibility of all DX autosamplers and is capable of sampling up to 125 mL bottles. The durable long-life carriage and multiple probe options ensure accuracy when sampling micro volume vials or microplates.


  • Smallest foot print and capacity of any autosampler
  • Reset probe
  • Dual flowing rinse stations
  • Micro vials to 125 mL bottles simultaneously configured

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Autosampler Enclosures

ICP and ICPMS sample integrity is maintained with the ESI DX autosampler enclosures. The enclosures can be configured either as a dust cover or ULPA-filtered mini-environment.


  • Protects samples from airborne contamination
  • Exhaust acid fumes to protect the laboratory environment
  • Clear acrylic construction for easy sample viewing
  • Covers only the sample area—the electronics are kept outside the enclosure
  • Large hinged door provides easy access to sample racks at any time
  • Exhaust port (50 mm, included) connects to laboratory ventilation system
  • The ULPA (Ultra-Low Particle Arrester) filter upgrade is 99.999% efficient down to 0.12 microns

ULPA - Ultra-Low Particulate Arrester Air Filter and Mounting Plate

The ULPA (Ultra-Low Particle Arrester) filter creates a clean, positive pressure environment for samples and standards and prevents airborne contamination. The ULPA filter removes 99.999% of 0.12 micron particles.

The ULPA filter mounting plate fits the 2DX, 4DX, Micro DX and microFAST Isotope on either the right or left side of the enclosure.

microFAST MC

The microFAST MC combines the capabilities of the Micro DX autosampler with single or dual loop FAST capabilities and syringe based sample loading/injection. The system accurately loads a loop and then smoothly injects the solution into a μFlow concentric nebulizer at defined rates from 5-1000 μL/min. The valve on the flow injection system selects from two discrete, parallel flow paths. This allows rapid switching between solutions with minimal dead volume between the valve and the nebulizer.


  • Total sample consumption
  • Eliminate waste
  • Micro volume samples (5-1000 μL)
  • Micro flow rates (5-1000 μL/min)
  • Inject complete sample
  • Dual loop system
  • High sample throughput

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