About ESI

Elemental Scientific has been providing high-quality solutions to meet the specialized needs of labs worldwide. From our innovative intelligent autosamplers to FAST application solutions designed to determine trace element concentrations and isotope ratios in a range of samples, ESI can create a system to improve the speed, precision, and accuracy of your ICPMS/ICPAES experiments.

ESI carries an extensive line of products including:

  • SC-DX FAST series of autosamplers
  • DXi FAST integrated precision micro peripump and FAST valve
  • MP2 precision micro peripumps
  • Apex family of high sensitivity, low contamination sample inlet systems
  • PC3 Peltier-cooled cyclonic spray chambers
  • Inert microflow PFA and PolyPro nebulizers
  • Quartz and glass nebulizers
  • Inert, chemically resistant spray chambers and end caps
  • Demountable o-ring-free injectors made from platinum, sapphire, or quartz
  • Precision and standard quartz ICP torches
  • Inert autosampler and manual sampling probes
  • Single element standards, common mixed standards, custom standards as well as organometallic standards

Elemental Scientific offers customizable application solutions specially designed for each customer's needs. We offer complete sample introduction kits for specific trace metal and non-metal applications, including semiconductor pure chemicals, environmental, clinical, organic solvents, isotope ratio, and many other types of trace metal determinations.