PFA Upgrade Kit

Easy to install, inert , high purity, o-ring-free upgrade kit which includes two PFA MicroFlow nebulizers, PureCap endcap, 35mm or 47mm PureChamber PFA spray chamber, adapter, o-ring-free injector and precision quartz torch. A reliable ultra pure analysis technology to complement ICP-MS systems.

  • Easy installation on most ICP-OES & ICP-MS systems
  • Clean PFA components for lower background equivalent concentration (BEC) and detection limits
  • O-ring-free connections—ensures lowest BEC's, highest chemical resistance and easy cleaning
  • Chemically resistant—suitable for nearly all samples, including strong acids, alkalis and organic solvents
  • Sapphire or platinum injector
  • Two self-aspirated or pumped PFA nebulizers included
  • Low sample consumption—ideal for VPD and preconcentrated samples

All PFA upgrade kits include:

  • 2 PFA self-aspirating MicroFlow Nebulizers
  • 1 PFA o-ring-free PureCap endcap
  • 1 PFA PureChamber spray chamber
  • 1 Precision Quartz torch
  • 1 HF resistant injector
  • All gas lines and connectors

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All PFA, o-ring-free full upgrade kit for ICP - MS systems
All PFA, o-ring-free full upgrade kit for ICP - MS systems

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