SYRIX Syringe Pumps

ESI introduces the SYRIX, a compact, low-profile, high-precision laboratory syringe pump.

The SYRIX features an innovative drive mechanism for the precise control of liquid samples and reagents. Wetted parts are o-ring-free and offer the highest chemical resistance.

The SYRIX is highly configurable for a wide range of applications such as micro sample loading and remote monitoring.


  • Wide flow rate range
    - < 10µL/min to > 40mL/min
  • A variety of syringe sizes
    - 0.3mL to 10mL
  • O-ring-free
  • Syringe material
    - PTFE/Quartz
    - Fluoropolymer
  • Optional integrated switching valve
  • Convenient software control interface
  • Connects directly to SC-DX autosampler

Dimensions with valve:

  • Height: 173mm (6.8")
  • Width: 64mm (2.5")
  • Depth: 133mm (5.2")

Dimensions without valve:

  • Height: 150mm (5.9")
  • Width: 64mm (2.5")
  • Depth: 133mm (5.2")

Micro Liquid Handling
- precision sample loading
- carrier delivery
Remote Sampling
- automated process monitoring
- eluent delivery
- column conditioning
- continuous on-line dilution
- off-line sample preparation
- internal standard addition

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SYRIX Syring Pump with Valve

SYRIX Syring Pump with Valve
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