scoutDX Automated Process Monitoring

The scoutDX controls up to 20 remote (TX or DTX) modules that collect and transfer discrete samples to the central system. Rapid transfer rates allow the central system to provide real-time ICPMS analysis and monitoring of ultra-trace impurities in process streams, chemical baths, bulk chemicals, environmental effluents, and other liquid samples. The scoutDX (TX, DTX) remote modules are stationed at sampling points up to 300 meters from the scoutDX central system creating a working distance of 600m (282,600m2).

Real-time ultra-trace metal monitoring system

Remote Modules

  • Remote sampling (up to 300m, standard configuration)
  • Remote sampling with dilution (up to 300m, standard configuration)
  • Small volume sample transfer (1-3mL)
  • Dedicated transfer line for each chemical

Central System

  • Autocalibration
  • Fully automated system (24/7 in-FAB monitoring)
  • QC functions (over range, recalibration)
  • Multiple chemicals or streams monitored


  • Smart software interface
  • SECS/GEM communication capability
  • Set contamination limit
  • Send Alerts

Remote Sampling Modules

TXS or DTXS remote modules sample and transport chemicals up to 300 meters to the scoutDX central system for ICPMS detection. Up to 20 TXS and DTXS sampling modules can be controlled using a single central scoutDX system. The TXS remote module accurately and repeatedly collects discrete, small volume samples (1 to 3 mL) and transports them to the central scoutDX system.

The DTXS remote module is used when transport of viscous samples is required. The syringe based autodilution function of the DTXS will dilute viscous samples (e.g. concentrated acids) before transfer to the central scoutDX system for trace metal detection.

  • Fast transfer
  • Reproducible (<3% , n=20)
  • Ultrapure (Fluoropolymer flow path)
  • Rapid washout
  • Small volume
  • Autodilution (syringe based)

Central System

The scoutDX controls and receives samples from multiple remote sampling modules for ICPMS analysis. The fully automated scoutDX will autocalibrate the ICPMS, and auto and/or intelligently dilute samples in a fully contained environment. Full automation eliminates human interaction with harmful chemicals and greatly reduces potential work place hazards.

scoutICPMS Central System

The fully integrated scoutICPMS Central System quickly and accurately monitors contaminants in a wide range of liquid streams or baths. Frequent monitoring not only provides a better understanding of the cleaning process, but can also be used to set contamination limits. Setting contaminant limits in the central system will alert the CIM host when any element in any liquid stream or bath exceeds the limit.

Fully integrated with ICPMS

  • Autodilution
  • Autocalibration
  • Intelligent autodilution (QC function)
  • Autotuning
  • Manual Samples (for offline processes)

Control Software

The central system’s intuitive host software controls the scoutDX central module, remote modules, ICP/ICPMS and communicates with the CIM Host using SECS/GEM protocol. This allows the user to define element specific limits for contaminants at each sample station. Any values that exceed the user defined contaminant limits trigger an alarm at the Central System and sends an alert to the CIM Host.

scoutDX Benefits

  • Real-time monitoring of each liquid stream or chemical bath allows immediate detection of a contamination event
    - Minimize product loss due to contamination
    - Allows elimination of contamination
    - Optimize chemical life time by
  • Reducing cost of disposal and replacement
  • Improving production efficiency
  • Reduce human contact with hazardous chemical samples to improve safety and reduce human error
  • Customizable software enables flexible, user defined parameters for contamination control at every sampling station.

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scoutDX Central System

scoutDX Central System

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