SC-μ DX Ultraclean Micro-Autosampler

The new and improved SC-μ DX autosampler is now available with a fully integrated electronic control unit. Like the other SC-DX autosamplers the SC-μ DX now has the C6 carriage, a durable long-life carriage and several probe options.

With an innovative modular design, the SC-μ DX can control pumps and rinse stations in a wide range of configurations. The SC-μ DX ensures high precision across the lifetime of the autosampler.


  • Integrated control (eliminates external cable)
  • C6 carriage assembly
  • Dual X-rails
  • Variable Z-rail sizes (11”, 14” and 16”)
  • Smallest footprint to capacity of any autosampler
  • Reset probe
  • Dual flowing independent rinse stations
  • 360 Spin cap
  • Programmable rinse procedure to reduce carryover for specific analyses
  • Micro vials to 125 mL bottles simultaneously configured
  • Additional samples may be added to racks without interrupting analysis
  • Sample volumes down to 500 μL
  • Compatible with FAST sample injection system
  • Compatible with FAST pre-concentration
  • Compatible with FAST LC-ICPMS interface
  • Optional enclosure

Options Available:

  • SC-FAST Rapid analysis system for increasing throughput, integrating chromatography systems and reducing salt loading of ICP-MS cones.
  • Enclosure Protective cover protecting samples from airborne contaminations. ULPA filtered available on request.
  • PFA Rinse Delivery System Pressurized rinse cleaning system, giving the lowest possible rinse contamination
  • Rack Type The SC-Micro uses both standard mictotitre plates and ESI Micro Racks

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SC-Micro Autosampler with ESI Micro Racks

SC-μ DX Ultraclean Autosampler with Reset Probe

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