oneFAST High Throughput Sample Introduction System for ICP-AES and ICP-MS

Elemental Scientific's oneFAST is a high throughput sample introduction system that extends the high throughput and fast-washout features of the popular SC-FAST system to non-ESI autosamplers.

Laboratories currently using Cetac, Thermo Fisher, Agilent, PerkinElmer, or Varian autosamplers, as well as ESI SC autosamplers can now immediately benefit from higher throughput without changing autosamplers.

The oneFAST system includes a small automated sample injection valve and vacuum pump which dramatically improves throughput by reducing sample uptake and rinse times. oneFAST may be used with standalone or integrated valve modules. Peltier-cooled spray chamber/valve modules are available for ICPMS and organic solvent ICPAES applications.

oneFAST includes software and method features of the standard SC-FAST system, providing better rinse-out and higher throughput than any sample introduction system on the market.

oneFAST provides an upgrade pathway to higher capacity 8 or 14 rack autosamplers (SC-8 and SC-14) for laboratories that may require higher capacity autosamplers in the future.

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