oilFAST - ICP Autosampler System for High Throughput Wear Metals in Oil

The oilFAST High-Speed sampling system improves both speed and data quality for analysis of diesel engine oil for wear metals. Sample throughput is improved by a factor of 2 compared with other dedicated oil autosamplers. The oilFAST system provides many benefits:

  • Speed: Sample-to-sample analysis time can be reduced to < 20 seconds (> 150 samples per hour); making the oilFAST the fastest on the market.
  • Flexibility: oilFAST offers ICP labs three upgradable modes of operation:
    1. High speed (~20 sec/sample)
    2. High speed with mixing (~24 sec/sample)
    3. High speed with mixing and syringe pump dilution.

    The oilFAST system is fully software controlled and can be optimized for each lab's specific needs. Methods are easily shared electronically among labs.
  • Robust: oilFAST offers improved stability, low cross-contamination, and reliable operation.
  • Low QC Failure Rates: Carry-over is minimized with the oilFAST system, reducing QC failures and extending analytical runs.

The oilFAST system mixes samples with the same probe that takes up the sample. A diesel engine oil sample with kerosene diluent is completely mixed before analysis in about 3 seconds--adding a total of 4 seconds to the overall analysis time.

oilFAST Brochure

oilFAST - Unmixed (left) and Mixed (right)

Unmixed (left) and Mixed (right)

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