Cyclonic Spray Chambers

Cyclonic spray chambers have well established benefits over Scott type spray chambers.

  • Faster wash in / wash out characteristics
  • Less spiking
  • Higher aerosol transport efficiency
  • Low internal volume
  • Fit any 6mm nebulizer, including PolyPro-ST, PFA-ST, and MicroFlow nebulizers

All ESI cyclonic chambers feature:

  • o-ring free connections to the nebulizer and torch injector
  • Secure leak-free threaded drain port
  • Available with or without internal baffle
  • Optional threaded auxiliary port for addition gas

ESI's cyclonic spray chambers are available in three materials, all of which fit into the PC3 Peltier cooler for extra temperature stabilization.

  • Borosilicate Glass - Economical version ideal for ICP-OES applications
  • Quartz - High purity spray chamber, ideal for ICP-MS applications
  • PFA - Resistant to hydrofluoric acid and gives low BEC. Ideal for ultra trace analysis required by the semiconductor industry

Other more specialized versions of the cyclonic chamber include:

  • Stable Sample Introduction dual quartz chamber
    Aerosol enters second homogenisation chamber, producing a very stable signal, ideal for isotope ratio analysis.
  • Laser Ablation dual quartz chamber
    Similar to the SSI chamber, with an additional entrance for a Laser ablated aerosol. Ensures complete mixing of the liquid and laser aerosols and removes any large laser ablated particles, reducing spikes. Ideally suited with the PFA-LS nebulizer.

Quartz Cyclonic Spray Chamber

Quartz Cyclonic Spray Chamber

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