apex Q Desolvating Nebulizer

The apex Q desolvating nebulizer has an o-ring-free Quartz flow path for high sensitivity and low background for samples that do not contain hydrofluoric acid. The apex Q gives the fastest rinse-out of any high sensitivity ICP introduction system.

  • Improves sensitivity 3—10 fold depending on flow rate
  • Supplied with 2 PFA MicroFlow nebulizers
  • O-ring free Quartz sample flow path
  • Flow rates from 20—600µL/min
  • Dual preset temperature settings for heater (100°C / 140°C) and cooler
  • (-3°C / +2°C)
  • Capable of processing volatile samples
  • Tolerates high dissolved solids
  • Nitrogen addition control
  • Rapid rinse out
  • Upgrade with Membrane Desolvation

The apex Q is over 90% efficient at transporting the sample analyte to the plasma.

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apex Q
apex Q High Efficiency Inlet System

Rapid rinse out, over 5 orders of magnitude rinse out of U238 in 60 seconds

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