Apex Desolvation Nebulizer

The Apex high efficiency sample introduction system is available in six models: apex Ω, Apex E, Apex Q, Apex IR, Apex HF and Apex FAST.

The apex Ω desolvating nebulizer is the highest performing ICPMS sample introduction system available. An innovative multistage Peltier-cooled desolvation system combined in series with a helical EPTFE fluoropolymer membrane desolvator gives maximum ICPMS signal while simultaneously reading the lowest ratios of oxide and polyatomic ion interferences.

The Apex E has been primarily designed as an inlet system for ICPAES. The Apex E is very simple to use with only 1 switch operation and has a Pyrex® flow path to produce a relatively low cost, high sensitivity inlet system. The Apex E is supplied with either PolyPro-ST or PFA-ST nebulizers.

The Apex Q has an o-ring-free quartz flow path for high sensitivity and low background for samples that do not contain hydrofluoric acid. The Apex Q gives the fastest rinse-out of any high sensitivity ICP introduction system. Two PFA MicroFlow nebulizers are included with the Apex Q.

The Apex IR has a quartz flow path and includes an additional mixing chamber that further homogenizes and stabilizes the sample aerosol stream, resulting in a more stable signal from the ICPMS. Three MicroFlow PFA nebulizers: 50, 100, and 300 µL/min are included with the Apex IR.

The Apex HF uses a high-purity PFA flow path to provide resistance to hydrofluoric acid. The Apex HF is recommended for many geochemistry and semiconductor applications where samples containing HF are analyzed. Two MicroFlow PFA nebulizers are included with the Apex HF.

The Apex FAST is a compact, high performance sample introduction system for ICPMS and ICPAES. This sample introduction system allows for increased sensitivity up to 10x vs. standard sample introduction techniques and precise introduction of micro samples using an optional oring-free quartz or PFA syringe pump.

Optional membrane desolvation modules are available to remove residual solvent vapor in the sample aerosol stream to enhance signal stability.

Apex IR & Apex E
Apex IR & Apex E

Apex schematic

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