apexFAST Sample Introduction System

Elemental Scientific introduces the apexFAST a compact, high performance sample introduction system for ICPMS and ICPAES. The apexFAST sample introduction system allows:

  • Direct introduction of high TDS samples at low single-digit microliter-per-minute flow rates for the direct analysis of samples such as undiluted seawaters and high-purity semiconductor-grade materials.
  • Increased sensitivity up to 10x vs. standard sample introduction techniques
  • Minimized drift otherwise caused by sample deposition on ICPMS cones or ICP injectors
  • Precise introduction of micro samples using an optional oring-free quartz or PFA syringe pump
  • Automatic matrix removal and pre-concentration for applications such as:
    • Rare earth elements in seawater
    • Uranium and trans-uranium elements
    • Species-specific preconcentration (e.g. Se IV)

Direct Analysis of Seawater

  • Minimized sample handling and reagent related blanks
  • Controlled low flow via syringe pumps
  • Improved limits of detection and accuracy

SC-FAST for Preconcentration/Matrix Removal

  • Replace loop with pre-concentration column
  • Over 80 fold improvement in signal (4 fold from Apex; 20 fold from column)
  • Simple method creation and control

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apexFAST: combination of Apex inlet system with FAST injection valve
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