aliiix 50x1 and 50x3

Single and Triple Reciprocating Syringe Pumps

The aliiix pump is an adjustable reciprocating syringe pump with metal-free flow paths that rapidly and reproducibly dispenses liquids.


  • High speed
    • Dispenses up to 2,500 (aliiix 50x1) and 7,500 (aliiix 50x3) times per hour
    • Adjustable dispensing rate
  • High repeatability
    • Reproducibility from ± 0.2% to ± 0.7% depending on volume dispensed and speed
  • Versatility
    • Dispense from one to three outlets simultaneously (aliiix 50x3)
    • Different liquids can be pumped separately without mixing (aliiix 50x3)
  • Rugged
    • PTFE-coated steel rotary mechanism provides strength and corrosion resistance
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy installation


  • Dispensed volume is adjustable from < 1 mL/cycle to > 40 mL/cycle (using a 50 mL syringe)
  • Up to 100,000 (aliiix 50x1) and 300,000 (aliiix 50x3) mL/hr
  • Metal-free flow path
  • Dual fluoropolymer check valves
  • Foot switch for remote operation (aliiix 50x1)
  • Handheld triple sample dispenser (aliiix 50x3)

Power Requirements
The aliiix pump requires a main supply of 100-120V or 200-230V +/- 10%, 50-60Hz, output: 90W. The unit should be located within 2m of a power outlet.

Space Requirements
Dimensions are approximately 26cm x 48cm x 28cm (10.2” x 18.9” x 10.8”) (WxHxD). A minimum clearance of 15cm (6”) is recommended on the left side of the unit for the syringe mechanism.

Part Number Description
aliiix-50x1-A 110-120V reciprocating syringe pump
aliiix-50x1-B 200-230V reciprocating syringe pump
aliiix-50x3-A 110-120V reciprocating triple syringe pump
aliiix-50x3-B 200-230V reciprocating triple syringe pump
AP-1008 aliiix 50x3 handheld triple sample dispenser
AP-1005 Foot switch for dispensing pump
AP-1010 Spare 50mL syringe

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aliiix 50x1 single reciprocating pump with foot switch for hands-free actuation of the pump

aliiix 50x1 single reciprocating pump

aliiix 50x3 triple reciprocating syringe pump with handheld sample dispenser

aliiix 50x3 triple reciprocating syringe pump

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