A Peltier cooled Nafion® micro-porous membrane for removing residual solvent vapor in the sample aerosol stream from an apex sample inlet system. Cooling the membrane improves desolvation efficiency and long term stability.

  • Nafion membrane removes water and small polar organic compounds
  • Reduces solvent derived oxide and hydride polyatomic interferences
  • Chemical resistance similar to fluoropolymer
  • Temperature stabilized at +3 °C, enhances long term stability
  • Can be used to analyze volatile analytes such B, Hg etc
  • Suitable for sample flow rates < 400µL/min through apex
  • Resistant to clogging, run samples with high TDS
  • Sweep gas does not permeate through membrane, use N2 or Ar as sweep gas
  • Fast rinse out
  • Simple to operate, compared to macro-porous membrane
  • Resistant to clogging by organic compounds and salts
  • Easy to maintain and clean. Membrane is located with-in a cartridge
  • CeO+:Ce+ ratio approximately 0.05%

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ACM Peltier cooled Nafion® membrane desolvation module

ACM Peltier cooled Nafion® membrane desolvation module for apex inlet system

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